More wiki work and the SirsiDynix Institute

Working on social networking stuff (myspace here).

Nicole Engard just reported about the latest SirsiDynix Institute in her blog, What I learned today…. The new session, which I missed yesterday was 25 Technologies in 50 minutes. These are apparently free seminars sponsored by SirsiDynix to bring experts from industry to talk to Librarians. I’ve gone into iTunes and downloaded the last years’ worth of monthly seminars, and I am listening to last month’s event, Meredith Farkas’s talk “Wiki’s: The Ultimate Tool for Online Collaboration.” This discovery comes, of course, at the perfect moment, as I am creating a research guide wiki today for the PSS dept’s grad students and faculty. All I’ve got is the audio, but it’s still very cool. “Wikis are good for collecting knowledge from a diverse group of people.” I’m trying to figure out how to get a wiki that has multiple levels of permissions without paying for it. Pbwiki appears to want me to pay for this additional level.

Much of the talk is very similar to what I heard in the ACRL Fall Virtual Institute, but it’s so nice to have someone coaching me along as I’m working on this. Organization seems to be the bear for this wiki–our library is very rigid about how our research guides are organized. I don’t think that organization is going to be the best for collaborative work. So I’m making a wiki at I’m working on the organization of it now. I’ve been reading about OPML making your wikis/blogs more dynamic with information feeds, but I have no idea if I can do that here. I’d like to put a link to our podcast in the News page, as well as update it with news from the department and from me.

I put a picture in, putting a face on the technology again. I hope I might talk the rest of them into identifying themselves online, but we’ll see. I think I need to do the groundwork on keeping it organized, fleshed out, linked up, etc. for now. So I don’t want to make them think I’m giving them too much responsibility. I don’t know. More to come.

Amanda Clay Powers