Building Vision with Warning Labels…

I’m trying to finish my application for 5 weeks. It would be a great opportunity–and just the gentle jumpstart I need to keep things cranked up here. My Dean is on board now–he’s now sending me articles! It looks like consensus is really building around adding IM to our Virtual Reference offerings. Which thrills me beyond measure. It looks like I’m going to do a class on IM for the faculty and staff in January.

More “viral 2.0” fun at MML today:
Wiki’s are catching on at MML! I just got asked by one of my colleagues to help her with her pbwiki bibliography. Also, I’ve been tasked with finding a speaker for our regional Library 2.0 conference this spring–it looks like it’s really going to happen! Then, another colleague told me she is publishing on the Longtail after hearing my excitement about it from ALA. And finally my supervisor just asked me to discuss an article I sent her on making libraries more accessible (or how UMass has made their library more accessible) in tomorrow’s Reference Dept. meeting (see it at

I feel the urgency of being left behind, but we are moving forward–even if it’s just baby steps. I wish I had more people to talk to about this work–I should really just comment on some of the blogs I read. Maybe that would be a way to get into a discussion, but everyone seems to be light years ahead of me. Reading other blogs, I’m mostly just keeping my head above water to absorb the blogs themselves. Who knows what I’d even say in a comment. Ha! This blog is helping though…it’s good to just lay it all out on paper and think other people might be reading it. People who might speak up if I was hurtling down the wrong path. I’d love to be hurtling right now.

I’ve been working on the research guide wiki for my liaison department, but I’ve gotten stuck on how much information to give them about the resources I’m suggesting (“seeding it”). I’m worried that if I put too much, it will intimidate them and keep them from adding their own stuff. Or keep them from telling me what I’ve put up isn’t worthwhile. I’ve gotten a little stuck. I may just send it to the library rep and see what he thinks.

I’m back in the saddle again after the break–leftover turkey and dressing in Louisville after an adventure taking Gran to the Golden Corral for lunch in Jackson. The classic comment from my hard-of-hearing, Delta-bred, small-town grandmother with (very) discerning tastes: “Amanda (imagine the accent if you can)–I nevah knew there were places like this… These people, they just eat and eat, and they’re already so fat!” I was mortified and tickled at the same time. I guess you can say whatever you want when you are 89.

Amanda Clay Powers