34th Birthday

Me and Gran

My birthday was a good day. 34 is a boring birthday. I went with Kris to see my grandmother on Sunday to celebrate–they fell in love and we had a great shopping trip. It’s her favorite thing to do at 89. I should be so lucky.

However, back at work I’m overwhelmed, so I’m going to make a catalog of what’s sitting on my desk in an effort to straighten out my brain.

I’m surrounded by print outs on:
implementing IM, how to engage 2.0 learners
Ellen Wagner’s talk on Learning in the Era of Web 2.0,
danah boyd’s list of people doing research on social networking sites and her presentation at NMC’s Online Conference on the Impact of Digital Media,
blogs from Library 2.0 on “Twenty things I want to ask our users” and “What they should teach in Library Science school,”
the NMC’s Horizon Report 2006
Coffee’s on, dusty books are out at UMass library” article from the Boston Globe
Michael Casey and Laura Savastinuk’s article from Library Journal on Library 2.0
David Ward and M. Kathleen Kern’s article on “Combining IM and Vendor-based Chat: A Report from the Frontlines of an Integrated Service.”
An Educause article from Roberth H. McDonald and Chuck Thomas on “Disconnects Between Library Culture and Millennial Generation Values.”
Another Educause article from Carol R. Holder on “New Media and New Literacies: Perspectives on Change.”

Other random things on my desk that I’m working on:
Resumes from a search for a Digital Project Coordinator
An evaluation of the core reference titles for my subject area (agriculture/forestry) and suggestions from my OCLC Evaluation for my departments from this summer.
My committee member folder from the Templeton Ragtime Music Festival.
IM Class for library staff for January
CHAT training class for Reference Staff for January
Myspace class for our MegaResources workshop (mostly k-12 teachers)
Statistical reports on the declining reference desk statistics
Research guide materials for my department
Articles on JCR and Education and tenure for an article I’m writing with an ed faculty member
A printout reminding me that I can set up an Ask-a-Librarian link on EBSCOhost, which is an email reference function.
ASERL Conference Call Minutes for our collaborative Ask-a-Librarian program.

Plus fat folders on Virtual Reference and three on Library 2.0 full of other articles, some read and some not.

Now, the question is, where are my priorities? I was nominated to be the Treasurer of the Mississippi Library Association today. It’s a “level 1” service activity in my P&T document.

I also need to send the wiki to my department liaison, but I’m not certain it’s in the right format so I’ve gotten a bit stuck. Then I’m writing a podcast script for our Undergraduate Research Center by the end of January.

I’m just going to have to stop. I’m listening to the Sirsi/Dynix Institute’s program from last month on 25 technologies in 50 minutes while I write this blog.

Amanda Clay Powers