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2011 MegaResource Workshop on Web 2.0 for School Librarians

I’m not an expert on this subject. See Buffy Hamilton for that. I am deeply interested in this subject, and exploring it in the same way the school librarians that come to MegaResource are. For the last four years, I’ve had my annual “reality check” doing some version of this presentation for k-12 librarians in Mississippi that gather for this conference. I learn more about my incoming freshmen during these sessions than at any other time of the year. Teaching this workshop gives me a “futurist” perspective that is grounded in reality….and not just any reality–the reality from the on-the-ground troops here in the great state of Mississippi. These are the resources I’ve put together for this workshop for their reference and for anyone else who cares to peek at our conversation this year.

First, I feel it is essential to acknowledge several leaders in this field who have been resources for these workshops all along. The first is Buffy Hamilton, who is always always the person to watch in this area. Her work with The Unquiet Library is among the must-follow streams of innovation in school librarianship. The ALA Office for Information Technology Policy recognized her program for Cutting Edge Technology in Library Services in 2011.

Second and third are two researchers who have influenced my thinking about teens (in particular) and social networking. Michael Wesch and danah boyd [lowercase by design]. Both are pioneers in research on social networking and youth and continue to be innovators in this field. In 2007 Michael Wesch created a video that still stands today in describing the challenges we face as educators with the generation coming next.

I am grateful for the opportunity to meet with these teacher librarians again, and I can’t wait to hear what they have to tell me.  These are the slides from the talk I gave at the MegaResource Conference 2/11/11:

Link to MegaResource Web 2.0 for K-12 Librarians

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