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Karaoke and Facebook

Thank you for the karaoke.

I’m deep into writing the paper. The running title is Social Networking as Ethical Discourse: Toward a Practical and Normative Ethic for Librarianship. I stole the subtitle from John Budd’s amazing paper in The Library Quarterly, which has guided and inspired me. It’s due to the editor on the 31st, and I promised a draft to my readers on Monday. So it’s nose to the grindstone. Well, except that after a rocky day yesterday, my Kris took me out to karaoke. I don’t sing but he does, and if you ever get a chance, I highly recommend going to hear him. Really amazing. So I have his pic up on this post in tribute to his friendship.

We’ve launched the Libraries’ facebook group. I’m pretty much beside myself about it. We’ve already got 89 members, and we haven’t even got all the posters up in the dorms yet. :) The news story just went up on the page yesterday. Everyone in the library is really supportive of it–and I’ve become our Facebook Librarian.

Back to the paper! But more to come….


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