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Frantic sourcing...or something.

I spent the morning running around with Paula looking for rugs for the Postmortem stage. And for very large candles. And for a black or tan lace handkerchief. I can’t imagine I’ll do props or costumes again. My gift is very much for organizing and not sourcing. I was dying to be the one running the rehearsal and giving cues last night, and not so much wishing I was the one noting that Thomas had a sticker on the bottom of his shoe and his coat was frayed at the shoulder. Although, frankly, I brushed Kris’ coat before every show. So, I like to obsess about details while controlling everything. How’s that?

Working with Paula is very collaborative, anyway. I looked up at the cast last night and could barely tell I’d had any influence on the costuming at all. We ended up renting much of it, and last night was the first night I’d seen it. Paula taught high school theater here for 30+ years and I think she must be used to doing everything herself. But I’ve loved working with her. She’s such a dear woman and was my cousin’s first love in junior high. I absolutely love being back here in Mississippi sometimes.

Tonight I work until 9pm and then I’m heading back to the theater for any last last minute emergencies before the opening tomorrow. I’m so happy to still be involved with SCT. They are such a gifted community, and I never cease to be amazed at the caliber of performance/costuming/set design they manage to pull off. I’m certainly no theater critic–but I’ve seen Broadway shows and things on tour in Boston, and there is real theater happening in Starkville.

I’ve told this story ad nauseum, but once again, my father and his wife started a community theater in Hattiesburg, Mississippi–Just Over the Rainbow. It’s still going, though I have a feeling it’s not quite as good as SCT. So, it’s possibly in my blood. My maternal grandmother was a theater and speech teacher at Louisville (MS) High for years and years. And I did theater in high school–even stage managing. Maybe I’m just coming back to something I’ve been missing all this time.

More on Library 2.0 after I kill off my CV tonight. I’ve had an idea that I’ve proposed to my department (I’m the liaison to an ag department here at MSU) for their grad students to work with me on a wiki to develop an “agriculture portal.” We’ll see what he says. It turns out my colleague Brad (as far as work goes, we think almost exactly alike on many things–it’s scary) had already proposed something similar to his supervisor. I, of course, am forging ahead and I’ll apologize later if someone gets upset. It’s just that I really want to have a collaborative Research Guide, and I can’t do it on our website right now. So…if I develop it off the website, then I could present it to the PTB as a fait accompli. (That was for you.) So that’s my latest brainstorm. We’ll see what happens.

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